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    My first introduction into SML was with the 10ML-II. It did provide me with 1-1/2” groups most of the time when I started a shooting session in moderate ambient temps. But what started a learning obsession is when I read that others were getting 1” groups and why was I being denied those groups?

    The first lesson was bore cooling time because of the effect heat had on the sabot.
    Next up was keeping the BP clean so it provided good powder ignition. That includes monitoring vent wear.
    Next up was bore fit (load resistance). A tighter fit does two things.
    It holds/supports the bullet concentric to the bore and IMO aids in powder ignition/burn response.

    Well, I got my 1” groups after addressing the above-mentioned conditions. For a little while I was happy but a nagging thought crept up on me. Can I get better groups yet? Just had to find out, chuckle.
    Well, it’s been a bit of a struggle for every mm in group reduction size but I got better than 1” groups.

    Now if you are happy with 1” groups there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just an individual that wants more if possible. Okay now that I have achieved better than 1” groups I also am going after a better understanding of powder burn rates and shooting lighter bullets. With age I find myself becoming more recoil sensitive. It seems muscle mass has shifted from my shoulders to my mid-section causing this recoil sensitivity, chuckle. Anyway with more to learn it keeps my interest and mind active.

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