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Thread: Self defence shooting case before SCC

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePal View Post
    Only a small amount of people keep their guns in their bedrooms. Most everyone keeps them on a lower level in a separate room.
    Point is; MOST Canadians do not have guns readily available for easy access in the middle of the night when noise wakes them up.
    Most yes, but most Americans also do not keep loaded handguns in their night stand either, I would hope that all would stop doing that but I guess we need a pile more 4 and 5 year olds to kill their little siblings before it will make sense to keep the loaded magazine outside of the handgun but for some it takes too long to put in the mag and rack the slide.

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    I have no kids in the house so keeping a loaded gun in the night stand next to the bed is no safety issue - living in the country and having the nearest State Police station 40 minutes away makes it necessary to be prepared to take care of myself - the question I have is - with all those storage laws you have in Canada how does anyone really know how you are keeping your guns and ammo - surely if you ever had to use a gun you would not tell the cops that you had the gun illegally stored -

    If you have children in the house then it is a different ball game - you would have to be more careful where you have the gun so they can never get to it -

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