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Thread: Climate Change is Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbk View Post
    The biggest issue we face is overpopulation .Numbers demand food,water,shelter,roads,energy,work?........No one talks about it...........
    Then there is zero local responsibility for overpopulation in a given location.Why California has to be that large?

    Once there was the 4th largest lake in the world-the Aral sea.
    68000 sq km.
    1960 some geniuses came up with the idea to divert the waters of Amu Darya and SirDarya,which were feeding the lake for millions of years ,to irrigate the arid surrounding land.
    By 1997 the "sea"was a mere 3500 sq km,the area is a waste land ,the airborne pollution from seabed is killing the locals,and as far the eye can see-there are marooned fishing boats rotting away.

    Lets not give ide to the Dumbs and Dumbers ,to feed California with the Mackenzie PLEASE.
    I worked under contract for the Uzbekistan government after the Soviet Union fell apart installing and commissioning equipment in hospitals in cities and towns on the former coast. Now god awful places in a barren and poisonous desert.

    Seen the devastation and suffering first hand - arguably the worst environmental disaster the world has ever seen. Few people even know about it. Truly sad when you see the illness, death and suffering first hand. I have worked in the aftermath of war in almost 50 countries all over the Africa, Asia and the Middle East. That place was the worst
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    The wilderness is not a stadium where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, it is the cathedral where I worship.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoePa View Post
    I know that there is a lot of talk and hipe about climate change - we are told and it appears that there is somewhat of a warming trend going on over the world - but let's put this into perspective - so what - actually it may be a good thing - it will allow many more area of the globe to product food and become inhabitable - you Canadians should welcome a little warmer climate - I say let things work itself out and not get all worked up over something we don't even understand - someone mentioned the polar bears having a hard time - well they just need to adjust to the warmer climate - like every other animal had to over the years

    One other thing - the one world order crowd wants the industrialize countries to give up their standard of living so that the poorer countries can catch up - you can't ignore what their agenda is - one religion, one equal economy and no nationalism - this is suppose to produce a utopia where war or any conflict is unnecessary - remember carbon is a good thing - the plants love it -

    It doesn't hurt to develop alternative sources of energy because thee will be a time when carbon based energy is run out but using carbon fuels at this time should not be penalized
    I do not think the folks in Kentucky and five other States would agree with you sentiment. Not to mention California burning to the ground.
    Here in Canada we have British Columbia in a mess. Talking about it is such glowing terms might get dampened when your roof has blow off, you have a tree fallen over your pick up truck and you are paying $10.00 for a loaf of bread because the farmers cannot grow grain in a drought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cramadog2 View Post
    Are all the agents in your link working for Putin. LOL

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