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Thread: Recommendations for Guided Elk Hunting - Canada

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    Good morning.

    My hunting partner and I like to try and book bigger guided hunts every 5 years. We have decided to try something new and do some travelling for elk (2025). I was wondering if folks could provide suggestions/comments regarded guided outfits for elk in either Canada or the USA.

    I would prefer to keep my money in Canada and want more easily to transport meat back home.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I had a great experience with M Square Outfitting in Alberta a couple of years ago, harvesting a great 6x6 bull. You will have a chance at a giant on this hunt (the unit is only 6pt +) and the guide is a great guy. I think the rate is approx US$5K. The hunt is done out of a wall tent and trailer set up. There are grizzlies in the area so you have to be comfortable with that consideration.
    If you are looking for more of a “lodge” experience, i would recommend Cross Mountain Outfitters in Colorado. It’s a top notch outfit, very high success rate. It is more expensive (US$7,500 I think) but high success rates. I was there twice and out of approx 10 archery hunters each year the success was 70-80 percent, which is crazy. I know guys that go on US$5K guided hunts in Colorado for years and years without getting a bull. If you are only going once every five years (and are going to spend $US5K anyways for a decent hunt), pay up and go to Cross Mountain

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    Tuchodi River Outfitters in BC is an excellent area, and the outfitter is second generation on the same land. It is a horseback hunt, if that in interests you. A buddy and I each got nice elk there, and they have other game too. I agree - keep the Canadian outfitters employed. They have taken a severe hit he last couple of years.

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