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Thread: 2 Orange questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowjob View Post
    I think it would be best interest for both parties if this was a law though.

    Guy in his blind doesn't want to be shot at.

    Guys hunting dont want to shoot someone by mistake.

    I would think hunters would be for this law. Espically if hunting crown land.

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    Well to each their own. Personally I believe we have way too many laws trying to control everything already.

    Seems people don’t even try to think anymore they just let the government do it for them

    Out west you don’t even need hunter orange but we need even more laws around it?

    Many can’t even understand our current laws or even try to so I just don’t see adding more is going to accomplish anything

    But we can respectfully disagree on this one

    Good hunting and be safe. Laws or not

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