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Thread: Polling our readers -- Nov.-Dec. 2021

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    Default Polling our readers -- Nov.-Dec. 2021

    In this issue we ask, "Have you ever been seriously lost while hunting or fishing?"
    Weigh in here or vote on our home page at

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    Pay attention to your surroundings.

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    Yes.... lost but had the general direction to go since I was watching that.
    First off.... I HATE FOG! Fog rolled in suddenly, visibility went to maybe about 100' and you can't keep track of surroundings when you can't see them, fortunately I was paying attention before that. Just looked at the sun and said.... "should be that way", headed where I knew I would be North of my destination, going real slow in the boat with tiny glimpses of shoreline and finally spotted something I knew and knew about where I wanted to go. Compass and phone with mapping or GPS are very important!
    Second when hiking out once I knew I was off, same thing, I lost the trail at some point and I knew the road ran to the left of where I parked so turned to make sure I hit the road rather than miss the parking on the right and walk until ?????, extra distance (probably 300 or 400M) but better than the other option. Studies show people tend to end up in circles if they don't pick a landmark or the sun etc. to give a general direction to their travel when lost. Checking sun motion can give you even more accurate travel direction but takes some patience and a day with shadows cast.

    Since I always like people to learn.
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    "It's disturbing that when it comes to the Christian faith, people don't really want, or know how, to investigate the evidence" - Daniel B. Wallace So why not learn?
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    No. Made wrong turns numerous times, but never anything serious.

    I think for several reasons tend to really study the area before getting there and have gps with me at all times.

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