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Thread: Wanting to get into waterfowl

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    Hey everyone,

    I am a long time big game hunter that is very interested in getting into some waterfowl. I have been looking into public spots near me (Binbrook Conservation, NPCA land). I plan on hacking it up for the first bit if I can get out this year (deer hunting has been slow). I have a shotgun and that's about it right now. Was thinking of getting a dozen used decoys and and a couple calls and going from there.

    Was wondering if anyone has gone to Binbrook or Mud Lake for ducks and if so any advice for a fresh beginner? What other gear would be essential for the first couple trips out?

    Any tips on finding some public spots of my own would be great too!


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    Hey Griff89,
    Have you looked at OOD's Waterfowl page? There are some tips and travel recommendations in there you may find helpful.

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    Welcome to waterfowl is addictive. I hunted with my dad back in the 80's/90's and then took a leave of absence from fowl hunting raising my boys. Once they become of age I introduced them to fowl hunting and now 20+ years later they are extreme fowl hunters.
    I get a few guided (my boys) fowl hunts with them each season and love every trip
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    cool stuff. i started with a 10 dollar knight and hale call from walmart, some dollar store decoys and a 2 3/4 stevens shotgun.
    starting small and cheap taught me some valuable lessons. ducks will decoy to crap decoys and terrible sounds.

    then adding through the years-- upgrading the gun, getting actual decoys, better calls... it helps.

    start small, get some friends and have fun.

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