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Thread: Outboard motor in freezing temperature

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
    Yes, that's was my thinking too.
    Just wondering, do high HP motors also have hand start?
    My 75 Etec has. A rope came with it. I haven’t really investigated how it’s done…
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    No spark plugs means no compression and yes makes it easier to turn but allows you to also feel everything better. If you start yanking hard on the cord you may damage your impeller and God forbid if the motor fires up you will shred your impeller in an instance. An outboard motor must have cooling water from the moment it starts as it will overheat within a minute or two. I learned the hard way and my mechanic confirmed my lesson... Never, ever run an outboard motor dry !

    The water went up and down thus encasing the lower end in ice thereby freezing my water pump and when it started the lack of cooling water caused a blown head gasket. What can I say ? I was young and strong like bull ... unfortunately also smart like streetcar. LoL !
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