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Thread: Dealing with Bore Heat and Sabots

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    So an extra 200 FPS should pass that. Easily achieved with a stock 10-ML2!
    Duplex charge is all I ever run these days for the most part which is also easy on sabots.

    458 bullet with a light knurl put through my 460 size die in a crushed rib should lock it in.

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    Big Jack

    A .002” increase in bullet diameter with knurling works really well for me. Again, it has to be a tight fit to keep bullet and sabot locked together in the bore. A spin jag tip and palm saver help here.

    I have numerous loading ramrods that are based on a 3/8” aluminum rod body.
    As for a palm saver I built one of my own design. I can easily load 30lb loads without difficulty but found 20lb load resistance is sufficient.

    I can’t comment about crushed rib sabots as I don’t use them. I use a standard Harvester sabot.

    Duplex powder loads serve a purpose and many have had good results.
    Look forward to hearing your results.

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