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Thread: CDC : Natural Immunity Protection

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    Default CDC : Natural Immunity Protection

    As most of you know I often harp on this aspect of the pandemic and wonder why the Government is not actively looking at the Natural Immunity, developed by recovering from the Covid Virus, as being acceptable for passport 'Verification' etc.

    In this video. Sen Bill Cassidy ( both a physician and politician) is grilling Dr Rochelle Walenshy director of the CDC on that very topic. It's interesting to see her try to evade the questions, but he's smart enough to keep her from doing the bafflegab she so often uses.

    His second question is also very telling...he's asking her why a large percentage of staff at the CDC are still not working on-site...and she refuses to acknowledge that the staff at the CDC are NOT fully vaccinated. One should ponder, why not.

    Sen Cassidy is my new Covid Hero

    Only 10 minutes, worth the watch.

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