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Thread: Like they know the season is over

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    Hi guys
    From what I see every year “up north” - north of the Severn river is at least 80 % of all bigger bucks are shot after dec 1, in ground blinds, over bait. Our herd here has been decimated by extra tag era, harsh couple winters and the take over of coyotes. Predator to prey ratio has tipped. I think a few years of dec 1 shut down and not over bait would help the herd, rebound quicker and grow some antlers again. My opinion on what I’ve seen in last 25 years hunting.
    Thank You for input and Welcome to the Forum choclab.

    I tent to belive-these kind of hunter inputs are missed out greatly by our own MNRF -to make decisions which would : suit the game-suit hunters-and suit their OWN agenda.

    Alas(at least the way i see it,)public consultation from them is more of a publicity action ,then a truly utilized great tool to maintain our hunting heritage to its best abilities.

    But-i can be wrong.

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    Couple of bucks sparring.

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