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Thread: Reloading Powders for 270 Winchester

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    Howdy !

    With WW760 powder for reloading ( H414 same stuff ) I recommend you try FED Large Magnum Rifle Match primers.

    I've had great results using these in my .22-35 Rem wildcat, that had case capacity between that of .22-250 and .22-250AI.

    The Magnum Match primers gave better groups than did loads using their straight LR Match primer ( my guns, my loads ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by greatwhite View Post
    So it seems that H4895 is not going to be available for some time.

    These are the powders I could find available. What would you try.

    IMR 4064
    Winchester 760

    Another question I have is looking at three different reloading manuals for reloading and I see different data from minimum and max loads for the same powders and bullet weight, what gives on that
    To answer your latter question about minimum and max loads in the reloading manuals. The minimum loads usually represent a good place to start when working up a load for your gun, you may have to play around a bit to come up with a suitable load combination to get the best performance out of your firearm. The max load, is an area where if your tweeting take you that far you should be taking extra precaution to weigh out your powder charge so you don't exceed the max chamber pressure that the powder is capable of generating and your firearm might not safely withstand. The best manual i find are the ones that include the powder charge the bullet velocity and the chamber pressure read outs. The last item you might have to be a bit careful with, some manuals give values for chamber pressures in pounds/sq. inch others give values in copper units of pressure (CUPS). There can be quite a difference in what the pressure units express. A CUP value could be a couple thousand psi lower than a PSI value, so if you are working towards a certain PSI value, a CUP value could be under it. By the same token if you are working towards a CUP value and you reading PSI values they could be a couple thousand psi over the CUP value you were trying to achieve. I play around with a 43 Mauser, the recommend level of chamber pressure for a gun is 20,000 psi. in their hay day they were designed to work at 24,000 psi, so it maybe possible to push a smokeless powder charge a bit. However I find it easier on my shoulder to stay within the 20,000 psi range.

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