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Thread: Adventure with the 10ML-II

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    Itís been many years that Iíve shot the 10ML-II and gone through an extensive learning curve to get it to shoot. At first, I didnít realize how much there was to learn especially using sabots. A golden rule was change one variable at a time and observe the results. By doing so you will see if that one variable change was beneficial or not. Itís a slow-going process but it teaches you a lot.

    One thing I learned that a mass produced SML has a lot to be desired when it comes to quality. Especially machined bore quality. Then thereís the fit up of the stock to the action. But these issues can be addressed that then changes 10ML-II performance. Itís up to you to decide how much time and money you want to invest.
    What you start with is an uncut diamond but when cut and polished it can become a shooter. But there are other areas that need to be also addressed such as shooting technique and load procedure. Hey itís a package deal.

    What I have enjoyed over the years is building accessories for my SML experience because Iím a tinker at heart. With each accessory I felt a level of accomplishment that made my SML experience much more enjoyable and educational. My all-time best project was building a knurling tool as I knurl all my bullets. It took a little planning to design it but made life with knurling bullets so much easier. I can knurl bullets accurately in well under a minute per bullet. Not seen in picture is the upper drive shaft with another knurling wheel thatís fixed to the drive shaft. This is driven with a portable drill.

    Another tooling I use often is for trimming sabots. Just rock the boxcutter over the exposed sabot petals.

    Now there are a few other accessories Iíve had fun building. They donít look like quality work but they serve their intended purpose. The only down side is I donít have any more projects, chuckle.
    Now itís time to focus on load development. And the beat goes on.

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