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Thread: To Sabot Index or Not

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdog View Post
    If youre not using a rotating ram rod or some sort of spinning jag, with the amount of pressure used to load a bullet/sabot, I cant see it being able to follow the rifling without damaging the sabot
    No difference i would guess with forces ,going up or down of the barrell. Same happens when firing and the force impacts the bullet from the opposite end. After the explosion, which propels the bullet only straight forward-the rifling engages and makes the bullet spin.
    Unless the jag "grabs "the bullet and keeps it solid(which is not happening)this happens the same way.

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    The ramrod does grab the bullet, not all the time and not with every gun, I've seen damaged bullet tips and sabots, not all ramrod come with jags on the end, some(TC) have T handle ramrod that are only flared on the end

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