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    An interesting terminology that most shooters are familiar with. It basically refers to the proper/ideal timing a bullet leaves the bore for the best accuracy. This is controlled by the acceleration from resulting pressure developed in the bore. This briefly sums up the explanation of Sweet Spot. Iím not going to get into the 2-different theories to add any confusion for Sweet Spot.

    The Sweet Spot also plays a role in shooting SMLís. You may have found a good load but are you on the Sweet Spot? Youíll never know the full potential of your load unless you confirm you are on the Sweet Spot. This requires additional shooting with adjusting your powder load and observe your group size.
    This may especially be true when trying a recommended load. A lesson I learned in my earlier days when someone suggest a load to try. It shot okay but not what I expected. I thought what the heck and adjusted the load. To my amazement my groups shrunk once I added a few more grains of powder to the load.

    Surprisingly even ambient temp affects some powders and can take you off the sweet spot. This is why many recommend you check your hunting load around hunting temps. Powder manufacturers are working on their product to reduce this temp affect.
    For me itís not only knowing what affects your equipment but also know what affects your load. After that the only focus should be on your shooting technique. Thereís nothing more satisfying to me than making a clean one shot kill.

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