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    able to hunt grouse and rabbit and see many moose on my sled

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimmer21 View Post
    Since I was 11,my family have had snowmobiles of every make,but,mostly after owning the "rice burners",we've all stuck to SkiDoos. I've found that the more high end and technically complicated,the higher the ownership maintenance costs along with the frustraion level of constantly requiring more work than I thought they were worth. I sold my last machines two years ago mostly because of low snow levels around home and the amount of travel time (2 hours minimum) it took to ride for a decent weekend away. I could no longer justify 2 machines sitting idle for 10 months out of the year,so,I used the money to buy a new motor for the boat,instead. If I wanted to buy another machine,I think I'd look for a new one,but,an ordinary utility workhorse with relatively easy and low maintenance. I'm thinking a SkiDoo Tundra.
    Agree that the season is limited and it seems a little counter intuitive to have an expensive piece of hardware that really only sees 2 or 3 months a year in service but (and this is a big one) even pushing 60 years old and having ridden sleds for close to 50 years they are just too damn fun. Way more fun than an ATV IMHO. As long as i can afford it i will keep sledding. As for reliability i have also always been a "Doo" guy. Currently own 2 with the 4-stroke 900 ACE engines and quite happy with them. Regular oil changes and belts are all that i have ever done and they start and run better than my truck.

    Started my grand daughter riding then when she was 2 and she is now 5 (and lives with us) and every day after school it is "Poppy can we can go snowmobiling today?" She has more hours on the sled at age 5 than i had at age 15. Hey favorite expression where sleds is concerned is "it's not fun unless you go fast" she than adds "Momma goes slow but Poppy knows how to go fast." Regardless of the cost i can't/won't trade that for anything.

    Momma and the grand daughter posing:

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    I am fortunate to have both, an ATV and sled but if I could only have one it would have to be an ATV for its versatility. All seasons usage for the most part in my neck of the woods.
    I have used my sled on occasion ice fishing if the snow is deep. If your needs are strictly for ice fishing than as others mentioned there are some reasonable options out there
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