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Thread: Quail and Rabbits

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    I've been watching a homestead family - Living Traditions Homestead - and I'll tell you they really teach you a lot of good information on growing your own food - they have a 9 part series on raising rabbits and also have a series on raising quail - they go into the details so that even if you don't have any experience you could start raising these food sources - the one on quail shows how to process and cook quail - - kinda wondering if I should start raising quail after watching their videos -
    Quail are jerks, they will attack each other and try to get into their brains.

    The best thing about quail though, they are hardy, I have not lost one to sickness in the years I have had them.
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    One good thing about having these small animals is that you can kill one whenever you want to have something to eat and not need to preserve any - when you butcher a large animal you end up needing to preserve the portion that you don't eat in a few days - so you need to can, freeze dry or freeze the left over meat - not so with a rabbit or chicken or other small animal - something to consider if things go south

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