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    Did up a batch of deer tallow the other day. I was gifted some nice deer fat last fall so I plugged in the 'slow cook' crock -pot out in the barn (don't do it in the kitchen !! )

    I put it on before heading out for the day, so not sure how long it actually took but it was ready 6 hrs later when I got home. I may still do the boiling water method to 'purify' it, a lot of guys do that to make it 'pure' white, but really it doesn't affect the overall effectiveness of the Tallow.

    As it is now, it's too hard to work with, so it will need to be mixed with another lubricant that is softer. The idea is to make the lube stick into the bullet grooves and harden there. Especially when shooting in the summer.

    So I'll blend the Tallow that with some variation of a mix with wife is a bee keeper so that is plentiful.

    1 part paraffin
    1 part tallow
    1/2 part beeswax

    A lot of guys just use :

    50/50 mix by volume, beeswax and tallow

    Another good recipe:

    One part clean beeswax
    Three parts rendered and refined deer tallow
    One part canola oil

    And No that's not our kitchen crock was, till the first time I used it and now it's mine and there is a new one in the Kitchen.

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    Nice workbench Mike,good to see one being organized
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    Even though I'm not into this style of muzzle loading I find this info interesting.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ET1 View Post
    Even though I'm not into this style of muzzle loading I find this info interesting.
    Hi Ed, I haven't been too badly bitten with the 'primitive shooting' bug that I've joined the local reenactors guild yet ..

    But I do go to their events, there is a good one in Dunvegan Ont each year where they do the Battle of 1812 reenactment. Lots of fun. The last time there I was able to shoot a .62 cal Ferguson Rifle..

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    Mike Pal
    Never been to a reenactment as it hasn't quite got my interest yet. I also wasn't aware of a 62cal Ferguson Rifle. Learned something new.

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