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    We were close to home when my wife saw a Red Fox at the edge of the woods. I got my camera and came back to get a few photos. Nice to see the fox napping in the sunlight.

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    I have a pair here their always travelling through the yard. I have 3 dogs they seem to know dogs schedule

    One morning pond froze over about inch of fresh snow seen fox walk onto pond and just flopped on its side. I thought great he just died. Fox did a little wiggle got up walked away guess fox version
    of snow angel

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    Can I say nice things about a fox or am I going to be in trouble?
    (I realize than are not good for poultry farmers.)

    One of my best memories is seeing a fox with her 4 kits enjoying the sun at the edge of a farmer's field.
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    We go out of our way to give them a pass when out coyote hunting. They take a pounding by coyotes around here…nice pics by the way !
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