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    As the weather improves, I really want to get out to the range and continue my lighter bullet, 200Gr testing. The 200-FTX will take the lead and will be used to compare the results of the other 200Gr bullets for performance. I havenít confirmed Iím on the sweet spot for 200gr bullets but at least this will give me an idea of performance.
    The two bullets that really have my interest is the 200XPB and 200SST 40 cal.
    The 200XPB has not preformed well in the past so Iím trying a stronger knurl because I believe rotational spin was an issue. With the drag groove reducing the amount of surface for bullet grip I hope the stronger knurl will aid in this area.
    The 200SST, 40cal bullet in a duplex sabot configuration has not performed well at all. Again, I believe it has been a rotational spin issue having plastic grip plastic. Here Iíve also added a two-sided sandpaper disc between sabots for additional grip. Only testing on targets will tell the story.

    To some it may seem Iím going to extremes trying to get a lighter bullet load to properly work in a 50Cal. For me itís an educational experience on the workings of an SML. For most itís simply a matter of just load and shoot, then evaluate that load. I have no issue with that but it might surprise you what your load is capable of when certain adjustments are made. The key is knowing what adjustments will help a load.
    Anyway, here are the candidates for upcoming range time.

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    Ed..have you seen these 'Made in Canada' by PR Bullets ...designed specifically with smokeless in mind.

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    No, I wasn’t even aware that PRbullets sold jacketed bullets. I see that they are over 300gr bullets that would require a real high velocity to reach out to 600yds. Heck such a load would kick like an angry mule. Because I’m becoming more recoil sensitive with age, I try to stay 250gr and less with a velocity of 2500fps hunting. That I can handle, chuckle. Also, my limit for range is about 200yds. Having set parameters limits my choice for ideal bullet weight.

    My line of thought here is how much bullet do you need to say take down a deer? If they ever come out with a 225gr all copper bullet, tipped I’d jump on it. For now, I’ll explore what lighter bullets offer to appease my shoulder for recoil. Hey if I can get the 200gr-xpb to shoot decently I could be content for a little while, chuckle.
    The big hurdle for now is to align a day with my friend who has a range membership. Then I can get this party rolling.
    Thanks for sharing and hopefully someone else may find this info useful.

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