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Thread: Powder Of Choice for SML?

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    So, what does influence you for your powder of choice? Surprisingly there are many variables in play that can influence your decision. Such as type of BP for ignition, velocity desired, bullet weight and how well the response is through a temp range to name a few. Now a lot of shooters follow a particular load recommended by other shooters and nothing wrong with that as it should be a safe load to use. But performance wise it may not produce the same results unless your load variables match that of the other shooter. Even then you may have to adjust the load to basically get the same results. To name a few variables, barrel length, rate of barrel twist, how tight fitting is the load, was the bullet annealed and what sabots or wads were employed.

    A lot of shooters seek higher velocities so a slower burning powder is employed. It is not the peak pressure but the remaining pressure in the bore during the burn out phase that affects the rate of acceleration determining the velocity output. I find the factor affecting slower powder burns is that it requires a hotter ignition for a better burn start. Here the type of BP that is employed can be a factor. To increase the burn start a duplex load is sometimes used. Now you also need to keep in mind bullet weight and load resistance (tightness of fit), that also affects the powder burn.

    I could go on but the above post covers the basic for considering a powder choice. So far I canít say there is a definitive powder choice but knowing the different factors that affects the burn of a powder helps in deciding what powder/s you choose.
    Have fun and burn them up.

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