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Thread: A ban on feeding areas ?

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    Default A ban on feeding areas ?

    I have heard rumours that the CWS is debating the cancelation of "Baited Areas" aka Feeders/Feeding Ponds for which they allow permits for. This would apply Canada wide and to all public and private hunting areas . The reasoning behind this is to make the waterfowl seek out food further away instead of being holed up within a smaller area. This also has something to do with Avian Flu.

    I've searched the internet on this subject but came up empty so as I stated this is just rumours at this point but it could make for some interesting hunting in the future should it come to pass.
    Good Luck & Good Hunting !

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    Newest rules have been posted - I think I'd call the CWS/Enivronment Canada ON office in Ottawa to be sure
    613 990 8355

    Link - baiting aspects copy/pasted below

    Prohibition — baiting

    6 (1) A person must not deposit bait in an area set out in Schedule 3 during the period beginning 14 days before the first day of the first open season after July 1 of a calendar year for the area and ending on the last day of the last open season before July 1 of the following year for that area.

    Exception — authorization

    (2) Despite subsection (1), a person may deposit bait in a place if, at least 30 days prior to depositing the bait, they

    (a) obtain, with respect to a given period, the consent in writing of
    (i) every landowner, lessee, tenant and occupant whose land is located within 400 m of that place,
    (ii) the Minister, and
    (iii) the chief provincial wildlife officer or a provincial game officer who is authorized by that chief provincial wildlife officer to give the consent; and
    (b) post at locations that are 400 m from the place bait is deposited signs whose type and wording comply with the Minister’s instructions.
    Exception — banding

    (3) Despite subsections (1) and (2), a holder of a scientific permit may, at any time and in any place, deposit bait for the purpose of banding birds.

    Exception — other scientific purposes

    (4) Despite subsections (1) and (2), a holder of a scientific permit or their nominee may, at any time, deposit bait within the confined location specified in the permit, for scientific purposes other than banding.


    (5) A person who engages in baiting in accordance with subsection (3) or (4) must post a sign at the place where bait is deposited that is of a type and wording specified in the permit and that indicates the number of the scientific permit.

    Lure crop and lure station areas

    7 (1) A person must not enter a lure crop area or a lure station area unless authorized in writing by the chief provincial wildlife officer or the Minister.

    Prohibition on hunting

    (2) A person must not hunt a migratory game bird in a lure crop area or a lure station area unless the area has been declared open for hunting by the chief provincial wildlife officer or the Minister.

    Signs related to prohibited activities

    8 (1) A person must not destroy, damage, alter or remove a sign whose purpose is to prevent an activity referred to in subsection 5(1) and that is lawfully erected by or under the authority of the Minister or a game officer.

    Signs related to bait

    (2) A person must not destroy, damage, alter or remove a sign that has been placed in accordance with paragraph 6(2)(b) or subparagraph 61(2)(d)(i) or 62(2)(d)(i) or that designates a lure crop area or a lure station area.

    Prohibition – hunting where baiting has occurred

    36 (1) A person must not hunt for migratory game birds within a radius of 400 m from any place where bait has been deposited unless the place has been free of bait for at least seven days or the bait was deposited in accordance with subsection 6(3) or (4) or an aviculture permit.


    (2) For the purpose of subsection (1), the following areas are not considered areas where bait has been deposited:

    (a) an area of standing crops, whether or not it is flooded;
    (b) an area of harvested cropland that is flooded;
    (c) an area where crops have been harvested and placed in upright sheaves for drying in a field where they grew; and
    (d) an area where grain is scattered solely as a result of normal agricultural or harvesting operations.

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    Thanks Stubble Bum ! I did see that posted in the Gazette so for this year it looks like Feeders will still be active at places like the Long Point Waterfowl Management Unit, Turkey Point Hunt Club and the Long Point Company and any other public or private hunting areas that have authorization to have Feed Ponds. Like I said "I heard it through the grapevine" that the CWS was discussing the ban on Feeders because of how it relates to the transfer of the Avian Flu among waterfowl. I guess they ruled out posting signs for the ducks mandating they wear a mask and social distance ?
    Good Luck & Good Hunting !

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    Have been advised by Wildlife Ontario that baiting permits are not being issued this year for the avian flu reasons outlined in original post.

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    Thanks Pinepointer ! I will look that up as I am not having much luck getting info about it from other sites. As I reread the Canadian Gazette I can see how it appears all is normal due to the date it was posted at which was before this Feed Pond question came up.
    Good Luck & Good Hunting !

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    Yes it's confirmed that no permits for feed ponds will be issued for 2022 due to the presence of Avian Flu. Should make hunting certain areas interesting ?
    Good Luck & Good Hunting !

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    Default Waterfowl feeding suspended

    The Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) has banned extra waterfowl feeding this year due to the Highly Pathogenic Avian Flu (HPAI) outbreak.
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