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    Hi there
    Looking to do some walleye trolling this year on Lake Erie
    Looking for some advice to a trolling rod and reel setup that would do the job for me on Erie. I have lots of heavy trolling rods for Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing but they are too heavy for walleye.
    The best cheapest trolling rod and reel is what I am looking for
    Thanks in advance.
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    Good Morning Fratri,

    I trust you are enjoying that new boat. I have always ran the same rods and reels on Erie for walleye as I do for salmon on Lake O.
    -8 1/2 foot Okuma Classic Pro GTL rods. I also have a couple 8 1/2 foot Blue Diamond rods that work well.
    -Okuma Convector line counting reels.. some CV30DLX's, some 20DLX's.
    -30 pound Power Pro in different colours so if I think we have a fish on I can just say yellow rod on the right or green line on the left... far easier when my inexperienced friends are in the boat and can't figure out what rod hit !
    -I like to use a fluorocarbon leader.
    -Although I have downriggers I prefer to use dipsy divers on Erie and at the Bay of Quinte.
    -I also like using planer boards to keep my baits spread out nicely. I'll run a maximum of 6 lines.
    -I will also just flat line a bait like a deep diving Tail Dancer, Mann's Stretch 20 etc, if I want it to dive even deeper I snap on a 1 or 2 ounce weight about 20 feet in front of the lure.
    - I have had good luck running worm harnesses with live worms on Erie.

    My intention was to get new shorter trolling rods for Quinte and Erie. The longer ones can be a bit of a pain in an 18 foot boat when I have the top set up but I haven't gotten around to buying new ones yet, I hope this helps you. Good luck on the water.


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    I've always liked using Dipsy Divers for walleye. I have Daiwa linecounters spooled with 30lb braid on 9' Dipsy rods. I used to run lead core off of planer boards, but got tired of reeling in 300' of line.
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    You dont need new rods or reels, just swap out your leaders for lighter line. I use in-line planer boards for most of my set ups, they have a little flag which indicates a strike so you can avoid buying lighter rods. Terminal tackle is much different than lake O which will need to be walleye specific. The rainbows from lake Erie are very good smoked.
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