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    Its easy to get opinions from the USA about what ammo would be the last on the shelf, or in other words the most available during a shortage. But what about in Canada.

    Ammo availability is one of my considerations when when thinking of what guns to keep and what to sell. It seems currently that three rounds are more available than any other, at least at Canadian Tire and Sail:

    1. 2 3/4 bird shot
    2. 30-06
    3. 9MM

    For some reason 12G foster slugs are not as common as they used to be, and 357M (also 38SW) seems harder to find.
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    I haven’t paid attention, but the last to go will be the cheaper brands in the least popular bullet/weight combination.
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    Luckily I got rid of all the odd ball caliber rifles awhile back.
    Now I just shoot .308, .30-06 and 7 mm Rem Mag and have lots of ammo for them.
    I’m well stocked for 17 HMR and .22
    I’m low on 410 and 20 gauge and they seem hard to get.
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    At present I am more concerned with availability and sky rocketing price of components.
    I load all my ammunition except for shot shells, slugs and of course the rim fire stuff. Most of my handguns/rifles have never seen "factory" ammo.
    I usually buy in bulk, but that doesn't seem to matter anymore.
    A case of 5000 pistol primers I used to pay $150 for has gone to $565... 'Plus applicable taxes of course.

    Whether your a shooter who goes through hundreds of rounds a month or a hunter who can make a box of twenty last ten moose seasons... It's a tough era to be a shooter in that's for sure.

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