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Thread: Canoe fishing with "Bluegill Johnny"

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    Default Canoe fishing with "Bluegill Johnny"

    Had another great outing with "Bluegill Johnny". We hit our favorite canoe spot and the fish were hungry, at least on his end of the canoe. I ended up with a small bass and a decent pike and Johnny lived up to his nickname. Caught his personal best bluegill and a "Butt-ton" of panfish. He caught so many pangish he said he was done because he was tired of baiting his hook soooooo Johnny got a decent bass to hit that he tried to haul out of the lilypads but his zebco and ultralight rod weren't up to the task and with one memory worthy bass flip his 1.5 lbs "monster" got away. "Dad, did you see that? It was huge! My heart is pounding!" I let him know thats what fishing is all about bud, you are hooked for life. I don't often sit back and reflect on life but I myst say, as I am getting older I appreciate all the blessings in my life a lot more. We live in the best country in the world (minus all the politicians) and family is the most important part of life.

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    Great pics thats what fishing is all about. Enjoy the memories
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    Nice pike!


    The only pike I ever caught was in Cold Lake Alberta. I accidently snagged a line in the water. Someone else had lost it. Still a great memory.

    Caught a beautiful trout when I was about 9. Grabbed it up out of the water in a
    basket I was carrying. Dad was not impressed as he caught nothing.

    Then there was the time I was fishing with Dad on a dam and fell in... almost drowned.

    Ah the memories.
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    That’s what it’s all about. Keep up the good times!
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