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Thread: Solar cell phone charger / power bank?

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    Default Solar cell phone charger / power bank?

    Looking for something to take camping. Any recommendations?
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    If you’re on a small budget I would cruise Amazon, some great solar
    panel/battery combos real cheap. If I was counting on having it for years I would check out goalzero and some of their products.

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    Default buddy swears by it.Takes it everywhere outdoors.
    I also bought one,about 35 $ off Amazon, if i remember correctly.Never used much personally so far.

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    I have the Biolite 20 battery, that will charge full my iphone at least 3 times from dead and cost $49.95 at SAIL. But amazon prime has the same prices, but only have the Biolite 80, which should charge your phone about 12 times and costs $89.95 They even sell a charging system to charge your battery or phone using wood burning for $200, or use the solar panels they sell, but the wood burning one, sounds way cooler!


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