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Thread: Bear Hunting

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    Congrats on a nice Bear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FishHog View Post
    Well I finally managed a mid sized boar last night. On my only bait that had any consistent activity. Last few days he had been coming in around 7pm and staying around most of the night. But the other day arrived at 4pm and I missed him by the time I was in the stand.
    Took a couple days off as it was too hot for me to process a bear

    Yesterday I was in the stand early and he arrived at 6:57. I almost let him pass as he looked too big for me to handle solo but finally decided he was probably my only chance this season. 40yard shot with my 30.06. Of course he ran deeper into the bush
    Heard the death moan so was sure he was down but took a while to pick up the blood trail as it was getting dark
    Was surprised that he really wasnít big once I got to him. Always amazing to me how big they can look in the dusk hours. One of my smaller bears but Iím guessing 150lbs or so which is fine by me

    Back to the cottage for supplies, lantern, toboggan and a couple beers. Had the quarters pieces hanging the rest in the fridge, showered and in bed by 11

    Still a lot of work for one person but a good sleep and butchering the quarters today to get in the propane fridge before it gets too warmAttachment 44045
    That is a great bear and to do it all alone, even more awesome, congrats
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