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    A proper bullet release from a sabot can make or break a good shot IMO. Many moons ago in the infancy of SML there were all kinds of suggestions for producing a more accurate load. One such suggestion came from RB (RIP) of trimming sabots. He even mentioned that you could trim the sabot petal that just met the straight wall height of the bullet. At first, I had trouble accepting that statement. I was always under the impression that the on-rushing compression of air against the exposed sabot petal initiated the sabot release from the bullet. But what I didnít take into account was the drag resistance from a flared skirt that alone would pull the sabot off the bullet.

    Okay I decided to play it safe with trimming by allowing approximately 1/32Ē past the straight wall. Normally my trimming allows about 3/32Ē past the straight wall of the bullet. Whether I get any improvement I donít know yet but I gotís to know, chuckle. Something to explore

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