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Thread: Opening Day for me.

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    Default Opening Day for me.

    Was out this past Wednesday as I've been pretty busy working. It sure seems that the weather this year seems to be as "normal" a fall as we've had in quite some time. Hopefully this will help lead to a "normal" migration.

    Didn't see too many Mallards or Woodies where i was but was really happy to see as many Teal as I did. Likely saw about 250-300 or so. Turned into a teal shoot pretty quick. Watched countless flocks of geese way up migrating south. Heard a few Sandhills off in the distance. A couple Trumpeter Swans around.

    Ended up with 5 total. All in all a good hunt.

    I remember the past days on this forum used to be filled with a ton of great posts about people's hunts and things they saw while they were out. It quite frankly sucks that we don't see posts about people's time in the duck blind anymore. My point of making this post is to hopefully encourage that to start again. We all see the "stack" posts and those are great but there is more to hunting and more specifically waterfowl hunting. This forum used to be awesome for learning a few tips and tricks along the way and i even met a few great friends from it.

    Maybe this post will help encourage a few to start posting again. Maybe it won't. Either way i hope everyone is enjoying the start of waterfowl season. The best is yet to come!!!

    Stay safe out there everyone..

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    Great to hear you got out! Whereabouts is the duck blind? My Dad, brother and I usually smack Teals this time of year as well up in Sundridge WMU 50. Tiny birds, but are they ever fast. Love to play around with the proper amount of lead you need to give them

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    Thankyou for being the change you want to see. Better than sitting back and complaining about the forum. In any case Teal are one of the best eating ducks at this time of year. Won't pass them up if had the chance
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    Hard to beat a good teal hunt. Very challenging. Tried to shoot more skeet this year and get some practise in. Paid off, for now anyways haha.

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    Yes - good to hear of guys success/failures.
    My son and I had a great opener. We set up in traditional a spot for us, on a small private lake. We set up the usual small spread of decoys in the usual opening day spot, where I had been seeing ducks. We were settled well before legal, and watched the first flock land 100 yards away, in directly in front of another empty blind. When a second batch landed there, we elected to relocate. As it was just about legal, we left the decoys and spinner and just paddled over and loaded up. By 6:50 I was limited out. I exchanged spots with the boy ( his view was obstructed by tall cat tails) , and he was limited out by 8 am, each of us having managed a double. All were mallards, only 2 hens. No geese showed any interest so we headed in for breakfast, and later I drove him to the airport to head back to university. Absolutely perfect opening day. The next day, alone, I managed another limit, with 5 mallards and a blue wing. Guess who got to clean all the ducks????

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