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Thread: Acorn failure?! WMU 62

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    At my cottage area 42, the red oaks had quite a few acorns this fall, not as many as last year but still lots. We don't have any white oaks in the area. I however still struggled to get much bear activity this fall with only one regular visitor (who is in the freezer) and a couple other odd ones but not consistent like the past years.

    Not sure what that all means, but I'm hoping to have some increased deer activity this fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Articcat View Post
    HI Hound, won't affect hunting this as last year was a bumper crop in 53 which should result in a bumper crop of deer this year but next year will be a different story as the deer and bears will not be as fat thru this years winter to carry them over
    Thatís what I figured, just didnít want to see low numbers next year, letís hope the snow isnít deep this year.
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