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Thread: Making tree stands safer

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    Default Making tree stands safer

    Tree stands can greatly increase your hunting success, but don't put yourself in danger because of negligence or stupidity.
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    The best way to ensure safety is use a fall restraint rope and body harness.

    The rope needs to be climbing grade kernmantle attached at the top with a figure eight and attached to the body harness using a prussic loop made of a kernmantle rope at about 60% the diameter of the main line. The main safety rope should extend to the ground, in case of a fall one can rappel down. Don't rely on pre manufactured safety ropes such as the HSS system as they use the wrong knots, the only two knots that should be used are the figure eight and prussic. Use of a mechanical device such as a ropeman-one or mad-rock descender needs to be backed up with a prussic as any mechanical device can fail. I see so many guys on Utube using a Blakes hitch (prone to slipping) or mechanical device with no redundant fail system, take a rope course and become familiar with knots and your comfort level will increase.
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