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Thread: Hemlock bug spreading

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    An invasive insect that attacks and kills hemlock trees is expanding its range in Ontario. Suspected cases should be reported.
    What can I but enumerate old themes,
    First that sea-rider Oisin led by the nose
    Through three enchanted islands, allegorical dreams,
    Vain gaiety, vain battle, vain repose,
    Themes of the embittered heart, or so it seems.
    -- "The Circus Animalsí Desertion" by William Butler Yeats

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    Kumbaya-the whole world will be the same soon.

    No one bothers to stop invasive we will lose it all, then we will replace the lost ,with non native.........or nothing.
    Meanwhile people in charge are getting all the benefits of a good Governement job, without doing anything meaningful.

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    And where did it come from? Ah yes the orient. Maybe it's time we sent something to them, maybe we can convince _______ to go.

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