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    Talked to owner at gramp's and it doesn't look like we'll be getting emerald shiners for ice fishing this winter up here. There are a few lakes here that has them . Is it legal to trap your own and freeze them to use.

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    I believe so. As long as you have a sport fishing license and I think you are limited to 10 dozen.

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    Taking minnows from outside the BMZ is no longer legal.
    Trapping your own is legal in the zone you live in (primary residence) and freezing them is legal as long as you use them in the same zone.
    Just changed this year I believe.
    If you don't live in the zone you have to purchase local minnows and keep the receipt. Also there is a time limit that the receipt is valid. 2 weeks I think.
    Yes that sucks.
    You will need minnows purchased in the BMZ (Zones 3,8,10 or 11) unless your primary residence is in that BMZ.
    Is Gramps not selling minnows or just not emerald shiners? I fish Zone 11 where Gramps is.
    Maybe stopping in North Bay is an option but emerald shiners may not be available there either as many are from the great lakes and cannot be sent up there.
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