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Thread: DIY: Easy ice stove

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    We had a cozy little wood fire to warm our hands, boil a pot of tea, and heat up a pot of beans at lunch time through this DIY stove.
    What can I but enumerate old themes,
    First that sea-rider Oisin led by the nose
    Through three enchanted islands, allegorical dreams,
    Vain gaiety, vain battle, vain repose,
    Themes of the embittered heart, or so it seems.
    -- "The Circus Animalsí Desertion" by William Butler Yeats

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    Some times the old fashioned home made things work just fine. If they are around the woods a quick bag full of pine cones burns well and smells nice.

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    I guess I missed this post? Looks like a great idea for ice fishing! Simple, but works.
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