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Thread: Hundreds of deer descended on a Sask. farmer's property. Then the coyotes came.

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    Default Hundreds of deer descended on a Sask. farmer's property. Then the coyotes came.

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    Well as usual one has to dig into the REAL STORY here and fish out what might be happening with Mr Johnson who seems to be not a very shy guy on most matters from what I can read.

    This link gives information on crop damage and conditions for up to a 100% compensation for said damage. However not included are these:

    Compensation is not paid on:
    Volunteer crops
    Crops planted too late in the season to produce a normal yield
    Crops seeded on land considered unsuitable for crop production
    Crops left out where harvest was generally completed in the area

    Its pretty clear that spoiled grain piles are a deer attractant along with what farmer JOHNSON has left in his fields.

    So instead of doin the "right thing" not leaving attractants out, Mr Johnson seems oblivious that he might be causing the spread of CWD by his neglect and at the same time blames the Government. Its little wonder that the Ministry is refusing to issue removal permits.

    Hunter numbers are down because of the CWD spread AND the new trespassing laws. My advice to Mr Johnson would be to not allow attractants out for deer, give hunters permission for the legal harvest and smarten up.

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    I was wondering the same thing about the pile of spoiled grain and it been going on for years. Makes no sense to me.

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