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    So the other day I was reading and listened to an article about inflation set to rise again. Apparently food prices were to stay low for the holidays that deal was made in October. You think I can find that article now nope. They said we could see another 10% more on dry goods and other items

    Now the bank of Canada has said it would stop interest rate hikes if the inflation stays low. At a high of 4.5 last seen in 2008 if inflation continues to rise expect the banks to follow. They say they are done but inflation isn't they said they would raise again.

    They are playing an evil game of cat and mouse and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. More inflation equals more interest rates and the cycle continues.

    Also pretty sure the government is going to baill out the bank since they had thier first loss last year of 500 million dollars.

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