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Thread: Neat little Smokeless Build

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    Default Neat little Smokeless Build

    I put together another smokeless muzzy, This is more of a conversion rather than a scratch build.
    It started life as a 45-70 which is obviously rated for smokeless application and the breech plug I used is an ASG 209 plug , also designed for smokeless loads.
    It's a nice handy maneuverable little rifle for stalking or tree stand application and more than capable of shooting out to 300 yrds.
    It's a CVA Scout single shot break action rifle, complete with removable muzzle brake ,fluted barrel and integral one piece scope mount.
    This one weighs in a 8 1/2 lbs. scoped, which is considerably less then my bolt action rifles.
    I made a loading tube out of a 45-70 shell casing that was drilled thru and cut shorter to allow powder and bullet to get past the muzzle brake , the brake had to be rebored to fit the tube.
    I plan on using this sabotless so bullets need to be sized to fit the bore and this one requires .450 dia. bullets , but saboted 40 cal. loads can be used with the brake removed.
    This one will also be shooting more conservative loads, with expectations of muzzle velocities of 2500 fps.

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    New addition to the SML family. Does it have a name yet?

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    A little update on this build, the Fed 209A primers sealed perfectly on the front of the primer with no leakage . I didn't really like the idea of removing the spent primer with a prong and the 45-70 extractor wouldn't work on the 209 primers so I made a custom extractor for this . It worked perfectly.

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