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Thread: Hooks and Weights for plastics when bass fishing

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    Default Hooks and Weights for plastics when bass fishing

    Outside of the odd tube jig, I have always fished for bass using hard lures or live bait. Recently, picked up a soft plastics kit from Bass Pro and now I need to figure out what hooks and weights to buy. Wanted to reach out to the forum for suggestions.

    The kit includes the following:

    5-3/8" Stik-O
    7" Ribbontail Worm
    6" Squirmin' Worm
    6" Squirmin' Lizard
    3.8" Speed Shad
    3-1/2" River Bug
    4-1/2" River Bug

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    As far as weights go, bullet weights for worms anywhere from a 1/4 oz up to 3/4's of an oz depending on what type of cover your dealing with. Heavy slop that 's been blown into the shore or up against a dock I've even gone to a one oz weight to penetrate the heavy slop. Fishing a weed line I try and use the lightest weight possible providing I can keep in touch, feel the bait. If I loose contact with the bait I'll use a weight that's slightly heavier. One thing I would reccomend is pegging your weight. By that I mean inserting the point of a tooth pick between your line and the head of the bullet weight and breaking the tooth pick off. That way the weight won't slip up and down the line making it easier to stay in contact with the bait that you are fishing.

    As far as hooks go I personally like Owner hooks. Very sharp and will penetrate into the fishes mouth with ease... Again depending on the size of the plastic worm, lizard, etc. anywhere from a 2/0 to a 4/0 hook will do. The only other thing I can reccomend is to become a line watcher when fishing a plastic worm. They, " Bass" can suck it in and spit it out without you detecting it. If you see any movement in your line set the hook... Good luck with the plastics, they're deadly....
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    Thanks so much for the detailed response!

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