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Thread: A dark day for Canadian democracy ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilroy View Post
    Well I am confident the residents of Ottawa, Coutts, and Windsor all see it differently. The home grown terrorists conspiring to murder RCMP officers while hoarding weapons

    Then we have the petty criminals Pat King and Tamara Lich leading the charge.

    This whole affair orchestrated by the far right very small minority in Canada. Basically copy cat Republican insurrectionists.

    Embarrassing to hear their testimony in front of the Commissioner, they could not remember (a Lot) it wasn't them.

    Then Justin testifying clearly and precisely and all his Ministers.

    Foregone conclusion how the Commissioner ruled, supported by the majority of Law Abiding Canadians.

    The so called party of LAW AND ORDER now made a complete fool of themselves hitching their wagon to this unruly mob.

    Poor PP how is he ever going to explain to the public in the next election cycle how he sided with home grown insurgents.

    63% of Canadians approved the invocation of the emergency measures act, the highest support in Quebec at 73%

    Game, set and match.
    Remind me where Coutts is located again?

    It's not in Ottawa, correct?

    And it's not like the RCMP would plant weapons or anything like that. Nope. Governments never do anything nefarious or stage false flags.

    How many murders took place during the protests? How much violence? How many RCMP officers were killed? The only violence was from police as they assaulted peaceful citizens and trampled old ladies on horseback.

    Contrast that with the previously mentioned protests "officially sanctioned" by the liberal regime, with clearly measurable death and destruction off the charts, and it's obvious you are simply projecting your guilty conscience here and grasping at straws.

    Yes it's "far right" now to stand up for basic freedoms
    This again sadly proves my points about how upside down things have become.

    That a majority of Canadians approve of this decision, if we can even trust these poll numbers, is only indicative of:

    1) A big surge in new immigrants incentivized and brainwashed by liberals, as your boomer liberal generation arriving here in the 60's/70's still seems to be. Stumbling under the illusion that the same liberal party of that era is somehow allies of the working class or the underdog, when it actually serves the gods of globalism and wokeism most faithfully.
    2) The effectiveness of the liberal MSM propaganda on even those who have been here a while, as all major news is to the left. Other voices are silenced and treated as political prisoners

    The "majority" of Canadians also approved of masks, forced vaccinations, lockdowns and other forms of unprecedented tyranny -- until they didn't. Pointing out that our people are easy to manipulate should not be cause for celebration.

    The idea that we live in a democracy is quaint. And the idea that we are free from election interference is cozy, as evidenced by CSIS confirming China's involvement in the 2021 election.

    Remember it's not hypocrisy, it's hierarchy. There are rules for thee but not for me.
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    The best part about being a "conspiracy theorist" is not having myocarditis.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, taxation is theft, inflation is too.

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