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    From the days of just pouring powder down a bore and putting a bullet load on top to the intricacies of what a load needs for performance has been a real challenge. Now SML shooters usually stop at any load development when they reach a certain level of accuracy, they are comfortable with. There’s nothing wrong with that but for some like me want to further explore accuracy capabilities. Going from 1-1/4” groups to under 1” is now the common grouping size on a good day.

    It has not been an easy learning curve because of all the variables but eventually it all started to come together. I’ve also enjoyed building my own accessories to go with SML activity. This is not bragging about any accomplishments but my approach for loading activity.
    One thing I discovered was that a tighter fitting sabot load performed better. Around 20lbs load resistance works nicely. But at this level of load resistance, it can become cumbersome. So, I decided to try constructing an aid to help with this. Hence the T handle that fits nicely on my 3/8” aluminum ramrod.

    This really helped simplify the loading chore. This aid simply fits into my hunting vest pocket so I can carry it with me. Now you don’t need to build this exact configuration of my T handle because anything that distributes the force of the ramrod makes loading tighter loads easier. My older hands don’t complain, chuckle.
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    Post image not responding so I'll check back later and try again if necessary.

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    Looks good. I use a short Brass starter T-handle as well.

    It didn't take long for me to get sub 1" groups with my 10ML ii when I first bought it My load has been the same for about 10years now. If I miss a deer it's not the guns' fault! lol

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    I also discovered that applying a consistent reloading pressure helps to improve groups. I found a couple hardwood balls that I drilled to fit to use as palm savers. I have one that is attached to a spin jag that I use a bullet starter, and another that I place over the end of my ram rod to firmly seat the bullet without hurting my hand. I have a small fanny pack that I keep this in along with bullets, primers, and measured loads when hunting. A quick and easy alternative to the wooden balls, is to get a golf ball and drill a " hole partially into the ball, and use when needed as a palm saver.

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