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    You may find this interesting.
    I am always observing how accuracy is affected when any changes are made to loading technique.
    For me I use a tighter fitting load and a slight powder compression. For repeatable powder compression I use a modified T handle with an adjustable outer sleeve that is set a little less than 1/16 from the muzzle. I compress the powder until the outer sleeve contacts the muzzle. The sleeve will spring back slightly after compression is applied and only the load resistance maintains a slight compression. In my case the load resistance is about 22lbs. My modified T handle also acts as my witness mark.

    Im including some pictures that hopefully will allow the reader better to envision what Im trying to express.

    My personal belief is that by being regimental in duplicating your loading approach produces better results. A tighter fitting load than considered normal produces a better powder burn and shoots slightly more accurate.
    To prove Im not pulling numbers out of a hat for load resistance I put together a little tool to monitor load resistance. Simply showing amount of spring compression against a scale. This allows me to monitor results at different load resistance.

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