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Thread: Why are Ducks Thriving as Other Birds Decline

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    Default Why are Ducks Thriving as Other Birds Decline

    Hello Guys,

    The latest issue of the Delta Waterfowl magazine (Spring 2023) has an excellent article (page 48) written by Kyle Wintersteen (Editor) ... Why are Ducks Thriving as Other Birds Decline?

    The article includes an interesting graph from 1970 to 2020 that indicates the following trends:

    Swans and Geese populations up by 1076%

    Dabblers and Divers populations up by 34%

    Waterbird populations up by 18%

    Western Forest Bird populations down by 5%

    Arid Land Bird populations down by 26%

    Eastern Forest Bird populations down by 27%

    Sea Duck populations down by 30%

    Shore Bird populations down by 33%

    Grassland Bird populations down by 34%

    The swan and geese populations both "flew off" the graph in about 1995 and continued into the stratosphere ... that would explain the additional and extended seasons for these species since that time.

    The cost of joining Delta Waterfowl and contributing to our waterfowling future remains small so consider supporting this organization.

    Jerome Katchin, D.V.M.
    Port Rowan, Ontario

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    I read on the news that they’re finding lots of dead waterfowl due to the avian flu near Niagara. Even the Toronto zoo has shut down its bird exhibits. It doesn’t sound too good.

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    I would have to think habitat is a big one. There’s a lot more done for waterfowl habitat than say ruffed grouse or quail.
    They say the only good wolf is a dead wolf, If thatís the case than Iíve reformed many a wolf.

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