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Thread: Zwickeys at higher speeds?

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    Default Zwickeys at higher speeds?

    Curious if anyone can share experience with any of the Zwickey heads in higher speed set ups. I donít know my current speed, but shoot a 70lb set up with heavier arrow (475gr) so speed isnít off the charts but moving pretty good.

    Also if anyone wants to comment on current quality that would be appreciated as well. Thx in advance.

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    Check out U-tuber 'Death by bungee', he tests different broadheads at different speeds. Also look into U-tuber 'Ranch Fairy' (strange name....not what it sounds like) he goes into a discussion on different fixed blades vs expandables on some of his videos.

    In my personal experience, fixed blades are better in a hunting scenario.
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    I am going back years and only used them with cedar and a recurve. I did try in a compound 70 lbs but at old speeds ( 200 fps) with 2219 full length shaft they did not work for me.
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