View Poll Results: When hunting big game with a shotgun do you use slugs or buckshot?

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Thread: Polling our readers - September 2023

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    Default Polling our readers - September 2023

    In this issue we ask, "When hunting big game with a shotgun do you use slugs or buckshot?"
    Weigh in here or vote on our home page at

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    wow way to go Admin make my life difficult. In the past this has been a hotly debated topic. Please remember although friendly debate is always encourage please keep to forum rules and guidelines.
    Yes there is a time and a place for one or the other as is in all hunting situations there is no one best option.
    Have fun debate away just be civil.
    Time in the outdoors is never wasted

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    I donít hunt big game with a shotgun but if I did, I would carry both since I own a single shot. I would initially likely load it with a slug and would decide on the situation whether to follow up with a slug or buckshot.
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    Once when I started to peel a deer hide down,there was a dozen pieces of lead that I picked out from the fat layer on the hide. From that day on,I switched to sabot slugs in a rifled slug barrel.
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    i used buckshot for 1 hunt in my life, was hunting in thick bush.

    had a doe walk within maybe 20 - 30ish max feet beside me, back side was infront of a tree, put my sights on her took a shot, thing bucked and bolted made a big loop and took off. waited maybe 30ish minutes, went to follow the blood trail, maybe 30 feet of a blood trail then disappeared, searched for the rest of the day and could find anything.

    from that day on i vowed never to use buckshot again. not worth it. and imo not enough power to knock a deer down effectively

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