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    Default rabbit hunting

    It has been discussed in other threads on how hunting with Beagles actually works. Here's a nicely done video.

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    I had a beagle for years and just loved that hunt.

    A number of years ago, I found an older local gent that had a few beagles and needed someone to chase his dogs lol. We went out regular and we even just brought our 22s so it was harder to get the hare.

    Nothing gets your blood boiling more than the sound of a hound on a hot trail. Good times.

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    I have a beagle for 14years, she chased those rascal's right to the end. Nothing beats the sound of a beagle on a trail listening to it circle out and come back to you.

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    I love my beagle!!! I will never hunt without one again. Smartest hunter i know!

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