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    Saddle Hunters.

    I see too many folks on You-Tube explaining how to use mechanical retention devices with no backups. Any single method is subject to failure especialy a mechanical device. Its too easy for folks to gamble with your life with no reprecussions.

    Please back up your restraining devices, one method alone is never enough.

    A prussic loop is the current industry standard method for a backup, use a climbing rated kernmantle line that is 70-60% of your main line. The cost is about $3.50 at MEC, here is my 7mm prussic on a 10mm main line, the retaining device acts as a tender going up alowing for one handed ascending but requires two handed descending:

    National Association for Search and Rescue

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    I don't hunt single climbing stick so I never went to a mechanical ascender and just stuck with the prussic knot. mainly because I have zero issues using two hands to adjust the knot.
    I think I'm comfortable sticking with a 3 stick plus a 3 step aider at this point because I rarely walk in much more than 10min and the added 5-7lbs wouldn't be a huge advantage.
    the backup isn't a bad idea

    I'll add in I upgraded to a pleated saddle this year and being a slightly bigger build the difference in comfort is next level

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