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Thread: Bye Bye 2023 Deer hunt

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    Default Bye Bye 2023 Deer hunt

    Just came back from the hunt and it was disappointing. We had showers or wet snow every day. Even a few days with strong winds. On top of that, the deer population is verylow and I didnít see a buck all week. We had 1 doe tag for 4 guys and it got filled yesterday evening... the only deer to hit the ground. Thatís 1 more deer than last year however. I keep holding out hope that the herd will bounce back, but Iíve been wasting my prayers.

    On the plus side, I wasnít at work or at home doing chores. Hopefully next year is better.
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    We've had a slow week aswell, neighbors got 4 deer opening day. We've seen nothing all week

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    Same heard 8 shots Monday morning from 2 different location between 7 and 7.30 a.m. then nothing all week . I believe the properties I hunt the deer are moving at night

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    We've got one day left to sit, supposed to be a nice weather day compared to what sounds like the same as you, snow, sleet, rain and wind every single day.

    I filled our doe tag Thursday evening, haven't seen any bucks in daylight since Wednesday but still hoping one shows today.

    It's a shame you didn't even see a buck, that makes sitting in the rain that much harder.

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