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Thread: Non confidence vote petition

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    Quote Originally Posted by trimmer21 View Post
    I notice that C-21 is going ahead without amendments despite the hearings,law suits and petitions. That went well,didn't it? We're dealing with a political party driven purely by elitist ,arrogant dogma,you know,like Communists and Nazis. Canada is s-o-o-o screwed.
    Sad days for sure I was going to post that when it was fresh off the press. If you read any of the articles many of them said it's just the first steps.

    That means when the next person gets shot the next round will begin to ramp up.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they ban making ammo in the next couple of years. Only traced and tracked ammo for the safety of our community's.

    Even from the top they said it was just the beginning of what's to come for Canada.

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    He has 3 million voters planned set to arrive in Canada in the next 6 years lol. Where they all going to live ? That Toronto developer who vowed to buy 4000 single family homes for a billion dollars just doubled down and is now looking at whopping 10,000 rental homes yes 10 thousand Canadian homes for his portfolio. European investors are eyeballing Canada too as they look forward to expanding into our market in 2024.

    It's to late for Canada now, isn't there still Chinese police stations in Canada lol. They will vote them in they are strategic partners as much as they try and hide it.

    As trimmer said Canada is sc.......d

    By the time the libs are voted out the investors mark my words will own the majority

    It might actually be the majority already.

    Most of London Ontario is investors

    Toronto 60 % on the new condos investors

    I bet peterborough has a bunch core development group talked about buying that area up. Also London

    Core development 10,000 house portfolio guy is thinking about new development contracts so complete new subdivisions will be biuld for Rental properties.

    You will own nothing and be happy they say .

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