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Thread: Cow burps tax

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanE View Post
    across the top of the TV in Alberta there's a banner stating about the burp/fart tax
    if he wasn't public enemy #1 before he certainty is now across the province. probably best he never walks outside of an urban area in that province again. those guys out there are a little bit more serious than Ontarians
    Well they would have the most to loose with this.. Alberta is the biggest province for its dairy and beef.

    I really hope they win the cpp I know it won't change my contributions but it gets some out the hands at the top.

    I can't believe we pay into something for the world economic forum to claim partners with our pension plan. The cpp and blackstone just partnered bought around 2600 properties from a failing bank in NYC . They plan on continuing these buys.

    Again proves what I've been saying a long time. They will be the ones to buy everything as they say we will own nothing and be happy. Again their words if our pensions partnered our pensions are working against the common good for the people.

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    I talked about if before in the great reset thread. Want to know what's going to happen look back at the wef . 2018 the wef sent out a white paper on the 21st century protein road map.

    Not sure how to send a pdf to here . I can send it to my email but then it wanted my password forget that lol. Google
    wef white paper 21st century protein roadmap

    In that road map it talks about pushing the narrative, changing behavioral habits, introducing more protein including bugs , introducing lab grown meats and more plant based prossesed foods. It also talked about prices and the price would encourage people away from red meats. We currently see that playing out cbc has posted a few articles driving the "narrative " talking about people switching as the prices rise.

    Again 2019 and what's being worked on bill gates will have his synthetic seaweed since he can't harvest the ocean.

    I said it before look back at the past wef memos and we always bring in the policy. Its not a conspiracy it's reality. And would love anyone to try and prove it wrong. It's all playing out thier timeline was from 2020 to 2030 in their white paper.

    Pretty sure I said they would tax the cows next last year as they already did it
    In other countries following the narrative aka agenda. It's so predictable or is just that it's already been written out from our Canadian government.

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