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    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    Have you worked out your weekly contributions to them yet ? Is 80 percent of your purchases going to them? Then how much is the government taking don't forget about them they are partnered.

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    Probably more but the secret is to given as little as possible by being fiscally responsible.

    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post

    Your truck more than likely paying them.
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    Yup but didn't waste money on frills such as fancy audio/visual equipment, seat warmer and back up cameras. Just the base model
    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    You buy water it's going them what about your other drinks yep them Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
    City water and brew my own coffee at home. no need to spend more than you have too. There is fees for service so if you want 'em pay for it.

    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    , who do you insurance with yep probably another partner.
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    Are you advocating one shouldn't have insurance? That is an expense one should have to protect themselves, you can shop around for the best price.
    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    Watch TV or the news have Alexa or a door ring bell yep your money is going to them .Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
    If you come to my door you have to knock to get my attention. Got to pay a little for entertainment though.

    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    Pay into pensions yep them again too. Sent from my SM-G975W using Tapatalk
    If one is fiscally responsible pensions are not needed however for some forced saving is the only option. Yup my retirement plan is secured with them partners as they seem to know how to make money
    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    What about a storage facility yep them
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    LOL if you are paying for storage than you've spent your hard earned cash on wasted stuff and paying to keep it no wonder one can't get ahead
    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    own a pet buy them food oh yeah them again.
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    That I'll pay for I'll admit to much work to do all but its the price of convenience and in a free market society you have too pay what they ask unless you're against a free market?
    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
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    Until my well comes in where else does it come from?
    So how big is this gun the government and partners are holding to societies head? They are just giving what the consumer wants
    If you want to make a difference focus on the people and educate them and worry less about the evil partners

    Quote Originally Posted by fishfood View Post
    And who sits below the kings and empires ?

    Slaves ? Minions? Pheasants? Deplorables?

    I'm not a slave to our government nor should the people except to be enslaved into their system.

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    Heck would love to see more Pheasants around
    no you're not a slave to our government but one to society. If the people want it than the government will move towards that goal.
    Time in the outdoors is never wasted

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    Insurance is needed but again where the money flowing to them as the banks. Again to them, Like rbc buying the last bank it's predictable as all the other banking partners are doing the same.

    Your pensions going to them but Is it realy a savings it actually being used to be in a competitive market. They have partnered with others to be competitive as they buy up more and more . What money goes in the market goes to the same people . Then we pay them again then again with tax insensitives and again to bring them here so we can again pay them and on and on.. Then they will fire you for more profits. We invest in them they invest into theirs and we pay more. Just like they housing market we pay them to buy up our lands. Our pension is Canada second biggest farmland owners. Does that make it more affordable or less affordable in a competitive market?

    The gun is the same mandates and people not being able to speak over the fear of loosing their job. Say the wrong thing and opps sorry bye bye . The gun is being manipulated towards the public and what they choose to tell you . Farm mandates, car mandates ,experimental Vax mandates just mandate it . Punish anyone who chooses to speak up. The government showing a video to get the guns out of legal gun owners by showing a fully automatic with a 30 mag clip is so far from accurate that it's simle not even the truth.

    As for forgetting about the evil ones it's those evil ones who are partners who bring in the policy . As Bill gates said he sat down with key senators. I'm sure it was for the best interests of the public lol.

    Businesses brings in the policy same as vax mandates. Like Mitsubishi paying with crypto to save the planet. Or our main venues who refuse to take a Canadian cash currency. The bis going to cbdc as with many others. Blackrock in tokenization again with the banks and government. They all bring in the policy hundreds of them .

    I don't care who has money and who doesn't but when they all work together and take everything "they" collectively can while partners with the people who are supposed to be with the better of the people is sickening. So was is the opportunity and the opportunities was never to better the people. So much so they didn't tell us what it was .

    What opportunity are they talking about ? It was virus that killed so many and they are going to use to take advantage of it people ? Sickening.

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    So far the green transition will cost 4 million per job to make batteries. Those are some expensive batteries.

    New reports show government spending is 64% of our gdp. Similar as the ussr was.

    Over something they can't even show their evidence .

    Water is the next move everyone understands water even kids know the importance of water they said. Ops they already started that regulations on water. Canada farmers fined for watering their farms. California banned from even collecting rain water .

    Not everyone understands climate change and they certainly failed at getting everyone vaccinated They said.

    Digital identification come with a centralized digital currency

    The government is paying for it and it's studies the bank of Canada is owned by the government . So it's not the bank in the pilot but our government.

    Anyone know what happens when we come out of ice age ? What happens to the temperatures? We are not breaking records from a millenia ago we are not hotter than in previous times. but rather a cycle. That cycle may last 150 years as most have.

    Climate change has been happening for millions of years and has taken both animals into extinction from both the cold and the hot. Climate change is nothing new. It made the woolymamath go away it made apes go away.

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    As food prices are set to rise again in 2024

    7% for meats.
    1 to 3 % for milk.
    Plus many other hikes.

    As our food continues to rise who is at fault the farmland owners? The farmers? Surely it's not the farmers that's protesting around the world currently. It's not the farmers that blocked entries and highways into Paris today.

    Rather we should be looking at the second largest farmland owners our pensions. The largest has the same goals to make them rental properties. As the second largest farmland owners they are profiting from the backs of Canadians. As those cost continues onto us for our profits

    As the second largest farmland owners in Canada how do they make a profit without putting the increase towards the citizens. Simply they don't.

    Any other partners the largest farmland owners. Yep there are lots of them. All making a profit as we all pay more .

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    Anyone look into what a few of these partners own?

    So for instance less take 3 names and 3 businesses from them.

    Jeff benzo look at what he owns then look what Amazon owns.
    Amazon owns over 100 companies

    Mark Zuckerberg has a bunch of businesses but when we look into meta they again owns another 100 business.

    Bill gates owns a bunch but then what does Microsoft own over 225 businesses.

    Even the Bill and Melinda gates foundation owns many or big holders into their own companies.

    So with 3 people and 3 of their businesses your looking at over 500 companies add in their other businesses and the number only grows.

    What do the other partners hold oh yeah everything else.

    These 3 people also have real estate goals Bill gates is the largest farmland owner in the usa . Benzo has a real estate business that with a 100 bucks you can become a share of a home owner. And I believe Zuckerberg purchased a large area of Hawaii.

    Think what you want but eventually these partners will owns everything. It's their common goal and we are doing nothing about it.

    These folks are literally dumping trillions into the real estate market. I guess when they bought up all the other companies there's nothing left but to buy up and rent all the housing market. Just facts.

    Just another conspiracy I guess.

    "You will own nothing and be happy"

    They say.

    It's only the boomers left and our government is tracking your every last dollar. They know what you have for a reason.

    Where does our money go that isn't a partner ? The government the indigenous the partnerships their organizations and businesses. We are so close to their goal it's not even funny. All partners and all the money is flowing over to them. Small businesses are being crushed by them and their policies.

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    Every single day something is setting up.
    Venezuela just dumped the us dollar for it's oil.

    China just lent Niger 400 million as the American troops packed there bags.

    As the g7 economy's falling the brics nations are growing. The Russian economy grew more than the usa in 2023 and is expected to grow more than them again this year too.

    The new grain platform where they will trade and sell grains away from the US dollar. China already canceled 100s of thousands of pounds of American grains. All the brics nations will further grow more supply. Russia has a vigorous goal to double production. All brics members said they will be on board.

    China just had a report come out they are the biggest ship builder in 2023 building 51% of the world's supply.

    Looking at the progress of the digital platform for the brics and something funny on the last paragraph. The chair of financial stability board said it spoke to all g20 finance ministers that crypto-asset, tokenization, and ai remains a top priority.

    "Also in February, Klaas Knot, the Chair of the Financial Stability Board, which keeps an eye on the global financial system, wrote to finance ministers from the Group of 20 (G20) countries that crypto assets, tokenization and artificial intelligence (AI) remain priorities."

    I find it funny because on the Canadian website it talks about crypto-asset,tokenization and ai.

    "The G7 supports work by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) to monitor and address financial stability risks arising from all forms of crypto-assets, and welcomes increasing global cooperation to address regulatory issues associated with the use of crypto-assets, including in cross-border payments. "

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    For the second prediction I say it, you think it's a conspiracy.

    Trumps talked about maybe you find it as a joke. He wants to sanction countries who try to abandon the dollars. Sanctions are the root cuase for the split so more Sanctions will result in less dollars.

    Now Larry fink sounds the alarm and said that the dollar is at risk. And we need to protect the dollar. But it's already to late to stop it. They pasted us and we ignored it . It will happen.

    As the largest us bank just said things were pretty rosy in 1972 and the then 1973 came..

    As Google dumped a usa headquarters for the brics nations in India.

    4 countries want their gold out of the US holdings.

    Nigeria just made a deal with India to abandon the dollars for local trades. 11 billion in trades away from the us dollars.

    In Niger the American troops are stationed with Russian troops as they kick out the usa. For Russia to protect them not the usa or the French. A brics member.

    The list is a mile long and these are just some resent developments.

    As our economy's weaken our productivity and standards of living falls all the brics nations are growing and building their middle class living standards are rising.

    You can think what you want it's a reality that's happening.

    20% of the brics oils purchase has been in local currencies not in the US dollar.

    A new currency will be deployed very soon as they work on a brics central bank.

    Big meeting in Russia this October how many more countries will ditch the dollars as they set to expand?
    My opinion
    I am starting to think what if this is all just a ploy to a global cdbc? As 98 % of the central bankers already have the technology. The g7 g20 and brics all have priorities to bring in a digital currency, tokenization and artificial intelligence. And again they are all partners from the same organization. The same people who sit down every year and discuss the world's problems lol.

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    Number 3 and the dedollarization

    Just the last week things are picking up steam. Almost at a check mate position its already to late to stop the trend of the shifting economy's.

    Thailand has officially announced and applied to be part of the brics. The other asien countries will follow.

    Turkey announced its interest in joining the brics as putin would welcome Turkey into the bloc.

    This is a big one . Saudi arabia just ended a 50 year petrol dollars. It's joined China's led cbdc pilot and will settle oils in the Chinese yuan and digital currencies.

    Russia now agreed to pay for oil in the yaun and digital.

    They are close to opening a gold backed currency.

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